Finding the zing

Why drink tea and blog about it? Well, people have blogged about more random things and I love tea. And coffee and occasional sweet treats. So I figured I’d share this with the world. So here goes…

*cough* Um, so yeah, tea. I bought a Celestial seasonings fruit tea sampler, filled with fruity names like Raspberry Zinger and Country peach passion. The names made me laugh. I’m not usually an impulse shopper, but these fun names made their way into my shopping basket in the form of a samplers box. Horticulturalists that I know, tell me they are really infusions, rather than teas. But hey, you put hot water into it, stir it, put it in a pretty cup and sip it on the verandah just like regular tea, so there. For the purposes of this blog I’ll call them teas. I know its not Camellia sinensis, but it’s easier just to say tea, than infusion. 🙂 Infusion sounds like some kind of disease.

So anyway, I had my first sample today. I started with Raspberry Zinger. I really wanted to know whether the tea would actually live up to its name. Would there really be a zing in it? So I got out my favourite pretty tea cup, poured in some hot water and let it brew.

I occupied myself by getting out some shortbread. In my opinion, shortbread and gingerbread are the quintessential tea biscuits. Lots of bickies go nicely, but to me shortbread or gingerbread is the best. Maybe its my Scottish and swedish heritage, who knows, I just always loved shortbread and gingerbread. The Swedes call them Peppakakor, so if I use the word you’ll know I’m talking about gingerbread.

Anyway, tea brewed and shortbread placed on the saucer, I sat on the couch to enjoy a rainy morning. The first two mouthfuls were a little watery, however the colour was spectacular and there was a nice scent. There was a raspberry flavour, but it wasn’t really very strong. A nice accompaniment to the shortbread if you just want a tasty warm beverage on a cool day. I wouldn’t say there was a Zing, til I got the bottom of the cup. Shame about that as I was looking forward to the Zing.

Hence, I would give it a Zing rating (that’s our own taste rating) of about 2 out of 5. Tasty, but I was disappointed by its lack of zing.

Raspberry Zinger= 2/5 zing rating

Just so I can say I have actually had real tea today. I had some Russian Caravan Tea (the real Camellia sinensis variety!), people I know make a fuss over it. Maybe it was my coffee-sensitised taste buds, but it just tasted like regular tea to me. Though it was a nice smooth bodied tea, so I did enjoy it. Highly recommended if your Zinger tea fails you.

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