The Ultimate Tea App

It’s amazing what you find when you’re growing the App store. Here’s a handy Tea app for all of us tea connoisseurs out there who happen to own an iPhone (I don’t!). Tea. That’s the name of the app. Easy to remember and to search. Tea is a very handy little app that allows you to keep an inventory, make tasting notes about your favourite teas, check your brew settings, it even has a timer! And you can share and share-alike with Facebook friends, twitter and other social media sites, all at the click of a button.  For all the tea geeks out there its a very fun and functional app, clearly made by Tea geeks for tea geeks. It’s available in the app store for only $1.99. Clearly, a small price to pay for the usefulness of this little app. enjoy!

For those coffee lovers, like me there are apps out there. But I wasn’t really impressed enough to mention any. If you know of any, or even if you find any other handy Tea apps out there, post a comment. I’d love to find more!

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