Wild Ramblings

Welcome to the page where you’ll find all manner of writings, musings and ramblings from my creative mind. I take no responsibility for the quality of the writings. My pen made me do it.


Star Bright

(written for christmas)

The stars were bright

The stars were bright tonight

Kissing the shepherds

On a chilly night.

Banding together

Around a camp fire

Warmth and comfort

With the lambs in sight.

And ‘neath that sky a stable, rough and worn.

God so loving the world…

But there was no light

Until He came.

The stars shone bright

Guided by their light

Knelt in the hay,

The shepherds’ King.

The sky was dark

The sky was dark today

Curtain torn, light paints the sky

Darkness falls, hope seems lost,

Crying out he mutters

Save us our father,

Mercy, in your kingdom,

With the Lamb in sight.

And ‘neath the sky a cross, rough and worn

God so loving the world…

But there was no light

Until He came.

The son shone bright,

Guided by His light

Bent on that cross

The saving King.


3 thoughts on “Wild Ramblings

  1. There you were

    I had thought I was alone
    Tossed and broken by the sea
    Threatened by rough waves towering over
    Shipwrecked, with angry waters swirling ‘round me.

    I had thought I couldn’t see
    Confused and blinded by the night
    Cowering in a pocket of blackness
    Lost in the memory of my burned out light.

    But there were your arms drawing me close
    There were your fingers tracing my tears
    That was your voice calling me through bitter rain
    That was your love replacing my fear.

    I had thought I was falling apart
    Shattered like china on a concrete floor
    Crushed by the blades of my chopped up dreams
    Choked by the force of each downpour.

    But there were your ears hearing my cry
    There were your hands reaching for mine
    There was your back carrying me through the fire.
    There was your strength helping me breath
    There was your body bleeding when I couldn’t bleed
    There were the nails scarring your hands
    There you were dying for me
    And that was your Grace setting me free.

    Jan, 2007

  2. I’ll be…

    I’ll be here to trust,
    When all is left are broken promises.
    Bleeding on the floor in tragic silence
    I’ll offer my hand of comfort.
    I’ll be here to turn to
    When your world swings upside-down.
    Crashing round you as it breaks
    I’ll cry with you til the pain goes away.
    I’ll be here to fight for
    When your battle has no purpose.
    Fly high the white flag of victory,
    I’ll wait for you to come home to me.
    I’ll be here to hold
    When plans and intentions fail
    With dogs and demons gnashing at your back
    I’ll be the rock on which you stand.

  3. Forgetting you.
    (written on my Brother’s birthday two years ago)

    You are
    The one who faded away
    Beneath my skin
    Too young to go
    Too bright to be forgotten..
    I cannot
    Seem to blink
    Without wrestling with your face.
    We dance and sing
    on the breeze
    In our dreams long forgotten.
    Forgetting you
    Like washing the sea of its salt
    I try but fail.
    Draining colour from the sky
    You never leave me.
    I breathe and you’re in every particle I take in.
    Forgetting you is like forgetting the wind.
    I keep walking away
    But your shadow follows me.
    (unfinished, 2010)

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